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Intro to Me

This is officially the first post on this blog. WOOOO!!! Hold the applause, please. I know you just couldn't wait for this grand event, but don't worry. Bibliophilic Otaku is now open for business, if this even counts as one. Ok, now down to nitty gritty details. This might not be your conventional blog. I… Continue reading Intro to Me

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There is a surprise project for Namjoon's birthday. I need everyone's help in participating. The more people the better. If you're interested please leave a like, comment, or just try to get in contact with me. Thank you if you chose to read this far lol 😋 PS...I'm soooo sorry for not posting on here.… Continue reading ATTENTION ALL ARMY’S

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5 Anime That I Regret I Never Finished (Part 1)

I have a habit of not finishing anime. I watch a majority of it but as soon as I get towards the end or up to date, I stop watching it. It is a real problem because I really like the shows on this list and I want to finish them.....I just can't bring myself… Continue reading 5 Anime That I Regret I Never Finished (Part 1)

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10 Anime Openings That Are Just Plain Awesome…..(Part 1)

Most of this list is going to be Naruto as they do have some of the best openings ever. I own none of these videos (obviously). Anyway, this is part 1 of the whole thing so please no angry stuff because of the amount of Naruto in this. Enjoy!!! \(>U<)/ 1-Naruto Shippuden Opening 16  … Continue reading 10 Anime Openings That Are Just Plain Awesome…..(Part 1)

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Boredom is a Source of Creativity

I have done many things just because I was bored. Yes, that includes creating this blog. It's weird how boredom can make you feel like nothing is good enough or interesting enough to keep you occupied. It is also weird that it can make you create the most creative things you might have ever made.… Continue reading Boredom is a Source of Creativity